Installing the Demo Using the Theme Setup

Starting the Theme Setup

You just bought the theme and would like to Import our complete demo on your website. Once your theme is correctly installed like explained in this article, click on “Activate”. It will automatically start the setup wizard.

You always can relaunch it later by clicking on Dashboard > Appearance > Theme setup.

Selecting Your Demo

Once you clicked on “Start”, you’ll be able to select a demo. Many demos are available with a theme and each of them has their specifics features.

It is done? Let’s go to the next step by clicking on “Next”.

Selecting Plugins

We suggest you to click on “Advanced”. This way, you’ll see all plugins which will be installed.

The required plugins are mentioned with the REQ label. It means these plugins are necessary to make the theme works. When scrolling down, you will see the others plugins. Note that you have the liberty to uncheck some of these plugins if their features are not needed on your website.

Please be aware that too many plugins will considerably slow down your page loading time. So, we advise to stick to the bare minimum! We believe that our customers should be left with the decision of what to and not to install. You can rest assured that our theme will work fine and perform better without few plugins installed. Do you want to know more about improving the performances? Click here.

Importing the Content

In this step, just press Next to install the demo contents that will make your website look just the same as our showcased demo sites.

You can press Advanced to choose what content you want to import. We recommend that you leave all the boxes checked for best results. You can also press the Skip button if you don’t want to import any demo content (not recommended).

Usually, the setup wizard should make the demo import run smoothly, but issues can occur sometimes. In the case the import wizard is stuck or result to an error, click here.

The import is complete? Congratulations! Now your new theme is fully installed. Press View your website to see the results.

The import is finished but the demo doesn’t look the same? In most cases, these type of issues are caused by server misconfigurations. Please give a quick look to the common issues by clicking here.

Go Further

Installing Your Theme with Envato Studio

You have the option of letting Envato Studio install and import the demo for you. This way, it ensures that your demo is fully imported so you can get to work and focus on your project.

Improving Website Performances

The performance of your website can be improved significantly when following the right steps. Here are few tips that will help you get your pages loading faster.

Not Finding
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