Improving Website Performances

To make a site run smooth, it is important to make sure the server configurations are well set. Please check the WordPress prerequisites here:

We use WP Engine to host all our demos. The performance of your website can also be improved, like our demos, by some additional plugins:

  • WP Rocket: Improving the speed of your WordPress site
  • Imagify: Shrinking your images with lowest quality loss
  • Imsanity: Automatically resizing huge image uploads

You can always add more stuff to improve your page loading time but this is a pretty good start.

Please be aware that too many plugins will considerably slow down your page loading time. So, we advise to stick to the bare minimum! Our theme offers a built-in setup wizard if you wish to import one of our demos but you can skip it and start your website without installing any plugin or importing any demo content as only two plugins (Grimlock and Kirki) are actually required to make our theme perfectly work. Not every use-case is the same and we believe that our customers should be left with the decision of what to and not to install. You can rest assured that our theme will work fine and perform better without few plugins installed.

Not Finding
What You Are Looking For?

Simply go to our support forums and describe the problem you are facing.
We will be happy to help you!