Demo Import Troubleshooting – Common Issues and Resolutions

I Have an Error When Importing the Demo Content

  1. I don’t see the confirmation screen after the import / I see an error looking like this:

    The issue is due to insufficient memory allocation on your server. If you believe this might be the issue, you will find out how to increase the memory in the following article: However, if you’ve never done this kind of manual changes before, we recommend that you contact your server hosting support and ask them to do it for you.
  2. I see an error like this:

    Or this:

    This issue is due to your server having insufficient max upload size. To fix that, you can either find out how to change that setting by yourself in the following article: or you can reach out to your hosting company and ask them to increase the max upload size.
  3. If you tried the above and still have the issue, then we invite you to contact us via ou support forums.
    Before doing so, you can already help us determine the issue better by doing the following:

I Imported the Demo Content but the pages Were not Created

Sometimes, insufficient values for default PHP server settings might prevent WordPress from creating all the required content when for instance, the import process is taking more time than expected. The easiest fix is to update the two following PHP settings:

  • max_execution_time = 300
  • max_input_time = 300

You will find these settings in PHP server administration panel.

If you wish to know more about this, it’s best to reach your hosting service support. They will be able to guide you through the resolution of this issue or even, do it for you.

I Imported the Demo Content but the Images Were not Imported

  1. This issue might be caused by inconsistent file permission on your server. To make sure that isn’t the case, you can contact your web host and ask them to make sure that WordPress has read/write access to the wp-content/uploads directory of your site.
  2. If that doesn’t fix your issue, please refer to this section: I Have an Error When Importing the Demo Content.

The Search Form On My Home Page Is Broken or Does Not Show All the Fields Like in the Demo

Please refer to this article of our documentation: My profile Search Form Seems Broken
If you want to find out how to add new fields to this search form, please visit this article: Add New Fields to Homepage Search Form

I Imported the Demo Content but I Don’t See ___ Like in the Demo

If some part of the demo was not imported on your website, we created a series of articles to help you manually recreate all the pages like our demos:

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Simply go to our support forums and describe the problem you are facing.
We will be happy to help you!

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