Searching Members Locations by Radius

Heads up! Want to allow your members to share their geolocation and display them on a map ?
To display your members locations on a map, all our themes are compatible with the BP Maps for Members plugin. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you install and setup BP Maps for Members first.

While BP Maps for Members allows you to display your members on a map according to their geolocation, you might also want to be able to search by radius to find members located within a certain distance around you. This article will show you where to find that setting in BP Maps for Members.

Want to see how BP Maps for Members integrates with our themes ? Check out our BP Maps for Members showcase with the Gwangi theme !

Enabling the Member Distance Filter

Enabling the distance search filter on your map view is very straight forward, all you need to do is enable the option. Here’s where to find it :

  1. Open your WordPress Dashboard, then navigate to Settings > BP Maps – Members.
  2. Under “All Members Map“, find the “Member Distance Filter” option and tick the “Show a distance filter” box.
  3. Choose whether you want your distance filter to work with miles or kilometers.
  4. Click “Save Settings
Member Distance Filter option

That’s it, it’s that easy ! Your members map should now display distance filters to allow you to search members by radius.

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