Translating Your Theme

Update WordPress Language Settings

  1. Tell WordPress what language to use. Visit Options > General, where you can set the Site Language option and save the settings.
  2. If your website is not translated once you have selected your language please follow the next steps.

Add Your Own Translation

  1. Download the Poedit program to start translating the theme.
  2. Using the FTP client, navigate to the languages folder of the theme: /wp-content/themes/<your-theme>/languages/ and find the<your-theme>.pot. Load this file with Poedit and translate all of the strings in your language.
  3. Save a copy as .po file in the same folder as the .pot file (in languages/ folder) and name this file depending on your language or locale. You can find the right naming on this page. Search for your language and then lookup the WordPress Locale column. For example: for German language you would name your file: de_DE.po.
  4. The .mo file will be automatically created next to the .po file in /wp-content/themes/<your-theme>/languages/ every time you hit save in Poedit
  5. Finally, to prevent you from losing any translations after theme updates, we recommend that you move your final translations to /wp-content/languages/themes/ and rename your files as <your-theme>-de_DE.po and <your-theme>

You can read more on the WordPress Codex and go further with translating themes.

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