Translating BP Profile Search

Heads up! You’ll need to translate the bp-profile-search.pot translation file.
To translate this file, you have to download it here and use Poedit to generate a .mo and a .po file to place in your language directory.

Several strings that you’re looking for need to be translated from the BP Search Profile plugin. That plugin doesn’t provide a POT file, so we created one with all the strings from that plugin for you: Download the bp-profile-search.pot file

After downloaded it, you can open it with Poedit and translate the strings.

Once you have translated the strings you need, you should have a and bp-profile-search-your-language-code.po file that you will place in the directory of your website: wp-content/languages/plugins. Then, please replace from the file name by the language code of your choice, for instance en_US for English spoken in the US or fr_FR for French.

To make sure that you don’t run in any other similar translation issues, we suggest you to translate Grimlock plugin.

Going Further

Translating Your Theme

Translating your website in one language manually is the best practise to ensure good performances as you don’t use third party plugin. To do it, you’ll have to access to your ftp and translate some specific files with Poedit.

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