Setting MatchPress Options

To set up the plugin, go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > BuddyPress > MatchPress.


To make sure MatchPress is secured and works correctly, you need to enter your license key to get plugin updates. Automatic updates should work smoothly, but we still recommend you back up your site.


Here are the mains features you can activate by checking the option you want.

  • Enable Super Like: By default, you can like a user thanks to MatchPress. However, the likes are usually anonymous. The other user doesn’t know you liked them. In case the user you just like likes you too, you both will be able to know that you liked each other as there will be a Match. The Super Like acts differently. When you superlike someone, the user receives a notification to let them know that you liked them !
  • Daily Super Like Limit: This field allows you to choose how many Super Like each user registered on your website is allowed to send each day. You can set this field to 0 for no limit.
  • Enable Skip button: Once checked, it adds a skip button on each member in the directory. This way, skipping a member removes it from the directory in case you don’t want to see them again.
  • Hide liked users from directory: By checking this option, the members that you already liked will all be hidden from the directory. However, this option will not hide users that matched with you. It means that members that liked you will always be displayed in the directory.
  • Hide matched users: It’s related to the previous option. You can check this option to hide members that have matched with you from the directory. However, this will not hide users that didn’t like you back. To do so, you’ll have to check the above option.
  • Allow public mentions of non-matched users: By checking this option, users will be able to publicly ‘@’ mention each other even if they didn’t match.


In this field, you’ll be able to change the layout of the directory.

  • Default BuddyPress Layout: The Directory will be displayed by default.
  • Swipe Carousel: The members will be displayed one by one. You can choose to like a member or not and swipe to the next or previous one by clicking on the left or right arrow.
  • Swipe Card Stack: The members will be displayed one by one. With this template, you can swipe to next user by sliding it to the left (Dislike), to the right (Like) or to the top (Superlike) with your fingertips. This layout becomes really fun with mobile or tablet devices, and it is similar to well established user experiences.

Finally, click on Save Changes button to apply the modifications to the settings.

Going Further

Adding Member Swipe to MatchPress

Swipe through your BuddyPress members with a flick of your finger on your touch devices, or with a click of your mouse on desktop.

Getting MatchPress Support

We created a forum based support to allow us to better manage your questions and keep all related elements of the conversation in one place.

Installing MatchPress

MatchPress adds powerful matching features to BuddyPress. Member likes, skips, super likes, conditional private messaging and much more to come!

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Add powerful matching features like Member likes, skips, super likes, conditional private messaging and much more.

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