Changing the Badges “New” and “Hot” in the Primary Navigation Menu

To add these kind of badges, we’re gonna use some html. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and select the Primary Menu.

Here is the structure of an item: i (icon) + span (label) + ins (badge)


<i class=”cera-icon text-primary cera-file”></i> <span>Pages</span> <ins class=”bg-success”>New</ins>

The html tag has to have a CSS classes to attribute the color. By default, it is the primary color who is used. Note that the label have to be in a span tag to make the badge align to the right.

Here are some exemples ready to use:

<ins>New</ins> = New
<ins class=”bg-red”>New</ins> = New
<ins class=”bg-green”>New</ins> = New
<ins class=”bg-success”>New</ins> = New

Going Further

How to edit the text in a menu?

The text in some sections will not be editable in the classic page builder. The reason is that they are in a menu displayed thanks to Grimlock Menu block.

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