How to Add the Meet Our Active Members block ?

Heads up! Make sure Grimlock for Author Avatars List is installed first!

Please make sure you have Author Avatars List and Grimlock for Author Avatars List installed and activated before adding the block listing your members. If you haven’t already done so, you still can install this plugin before proceeding to the following steps.
Download Grimlock for Author Avatars List

If you have visited our Gwangi demos, you might be interested in adding the section listing your members. The following steps will walk you through.

Install the Required Plugins

We use Author Avatars List in our demo websites to display lists of member avatars. If you wish to display their avatars using our section block, we recommend that you also download Grimlock for Author Avatars List. It’s available for free on our servers.

Finally, please install and activate both of these plugins.

To learn how to manually install an additional WordPress plugin to your website, please read the following post:

Installing a New Plugin

The member avatar lists are dynamically created with a section block from Grimlock for Author Avatars List. You can add the block to your homepage or any other page.

Finally, feel free to add other section block to your page to showcase marketing content and suggest the most interactions with your visitors.
Please find out more in the following post:

Adding the Grimlock Section Widget

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