Resetting the Dashboard Widgets After Updating to Cera 1.1.6

Since Cera 1.1.6, we decided to improve the sidebar used in the Dashboard page. If you’re running an older version of your theme, a sidebar was created with Easy Custom Sidebar during the theme setup. From now on, this sidebar is created by Grimlock and it’s displayed when choosing the Dashboard page layout.

However, this improvement may hide all the widgets that were on this page:

If all the widgets that were on this page are missing, don’t worry, you didn’t loose any data. The following steps will help you get through this:

  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Sidebar Replacements. Select the Dashboard sidebar and delete it to avoid further confusion.
  • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. You’ll see the Dashboard area is empty. You’ll have to move the existing widgets from the Inactive Sidebar at the bottom of the page to the Dashboard area. Simply drag and drop all the widgets from the deprecated sidebar into the new one.

That’s it! Your website should be back to normal.

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