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Translating Your Website with Loco Translate

Looking for a way to translate your site to your native language? Loco Translate provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files and integrates with automatic translation services.

Adding Custom PHP Without Changing Your Child Theme

Sometimes, you are using a child theme and you don’t want to edit its files by fear of losing your customizations in a future update. Our recommendation to easily add snippets to your WordPress website is using the Code Snippets plugin.

Customize bubbles elements for Groups Widgets

Hide bubbles

Change bubbles color

Creating Widgetized Pages

Widgetized Pages are a great way to create unique and sophisticated inner pages for your website. They support Grimlock section widgets and allow you to showcase marketing heavy content.

Translating Your Theme

Update WordPress Language Settings Tell WordPress what language to use. Visit Options > General, where […]

Translating a Single Word

Heads Up! Make sure WPML is installed first! Please make sure you have WPML installed and activated […]

Adding Custom CSS

WordPress allows you to add custom CSS to change the appearance of your website through […]

Creating a Child Theme

1 Using a Child Theme2 Getting Started3 Customizing Styles4 Customizing Template Files5 Further Reading A […]

Installing Jetpack

Jetpack is a free WordPress plugin that provides various features and enhancements to your WordPress […]

Installing WordPress

We assume you already have a fresh copy of WordPress installed on your server. If it has […]

Customizing the Single Page

1 Customizing the Single Page General Options2 Customizing the Single Page Layout3 Customizing the Single […]

Creating the Homepage

1 Create a New Homepage2 Create a Static Front Page3 Modify the Hero Settings4 Add […]

Creating the Blog Page

1 Create a New Page2 Create a Posts Page3 Customize the Posts Page Settings Create […]

Customizing the Site Title

The title of your website header can be modified through the Customizer. To display all available […]

Customizing the Forum Pages

1 Customizing the Forum Pages General Options2 Customizing the Forum Pages Layout3 Customizing the Forum […]

Customizing the Events Page

1 Customizing the Events Page General Options2 Customizing the Events Page Layout3 Customizing the Events […]

Customizing the Shop Page

1 Customizing the Shop Page General Options2 Customizing the Shop Page Layout3 Customizing the Shop […]

Customizing the Posts Page

1 Customizing the Posts Page General Options2 Customizing the Posts Page Layout3 Customizing the Posts […]

Customizing the Single Post

1 Customizing the Single Post General Options2 Customizing the Single Post Layout3 Customizing the Single […]

Customizing the Typography

1 Customizing the Text2 Customizing the Headings2.1 Headings2.2 Display Headings2.3 Subheadings3 Customizing the Links The […]

Customizing the Navigation

1 Customizing the Navigation Menu Items2 Customizing the Navigation Search3 Customizing the Navigation Layout4 Customizing […]

Customizing the Buttons

1 Customizing All Buttons Style2 Customizing the Primary Buttons Style3 Customizing the Secondary Buttons Style […]

Customizing the Hero

1 Customizing the Hero General Options2 Customizing the Hero Layout3 Customizing the Hero Style Heads […]

Customizing the Header

1 Customizing the Header General Options2 Customizing the Header Layout3 Customizing the Header Style The […]

Customizing the Footer

The footer displayed in all web pages of your website, can be modified through the Customizer. […]

Customizing the Tables

The tables displayed in all web pages of your website can be modified through the Customizer. […]

Customizing the Pagination

The pagination displayed in the blog page can be modified through the Customizer. To display all […]

Customizing the Loader

The loader when web page is refreshed can be modified through the Customizer. To display all […]

Creating Mega Menus

1 Create a Simple Mega Menu2 Adding an Off Center Image to a Mega Menu3 […]

Installing a New Plugin

1 Automatic installation2 Manual installation3 Updating Automatic installation Automatic installation is the easiest option as […]

BuddyPress Basic setup

The basic settings of BuddyPress can seem hazy and difficult. In outline BuddyPress is composed […]

Customizing the Site Icon

The custom icon of your website header can be modified through the Customizer. To display all […]

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